Hiking Socks

Once you have put in the hard work of choosing a pair of hiking shoes, a good pair of hiking socks should be the next item on your list. The socks are going to be the defence that keeps blisters at bay, and your feet comfortable. They will also aid in cooling or warming the feet, depending on what type of hiking socks you choose.

There used to be some debate as to if wearing two pairs of socks (an inner liner, and an outer sock) was better than just one pair. WIth the development of merino wool products in recent years though, this debate has been all but negated. Many of the top rated hiking socks contain merino wool because it has all the qualities a hiker is looking for – They can keep the feet cool in summer and warm in winter, they stay warm when wet, and they dry quickly.

When choosing hiking socks, it goes without saying that they should be sized appropriately for the footwear you have chosen. For example, ankle length socks are no good for hiking boots! They should also offer cushioning in key impact places such as the heels and forefoot, and be breathable. Although hiking socks, and particularly those with merino wool, can be relatively expensive when compared to ordinary socks, the extra comfort they give is priceless. They also last quite literally for years!

Hiking socks are ideal for: Preventing blisters, providing additional cushioning, keeping feet cool or warm.

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