Snow Boots

For hiking in more extreme conditions, a pair of snow boots may be required. These have many of the characteristics of regular hiking boots, but have features that can cope with colder weather and snow on the ground. A good pair of snow boots will allow you to trudge through snow in freezing temperatures whilst keeping your feet and toes nice and toasty warm.

There are different types of snow boots available depending on the conditions that they will be used in. All of them will feature specialist insulation designed to keep your feet warm. This will prevent conditions such as frostbite in sub zero temperatures. Another feature most of them will have, is degree of waterproofness by using rubber or technical materials. Snow boots tend to be higher than regular hiking boots, but it’s important to remember they are only as waterproof as they are high. If snow or water gets in the top of them, it’s bad news!

With soles designed to grip and provide traction in icy conditions, you can walk with confidence in these boots after snow has fallen. It’s important to try these boots on with the socks you are likely to be wearing during the winter, which in some cases may be more than one pair. Whilst snow boots are perfect for winter weather, they are unusable for the rest of the year, so it’s advisable to make sure you actually need them before buying.

Snow boots are ideal for: Extreme winter weather, hiking in the snow, and enjoying the great outdoors in winter.

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