Kids’ Altitude Lite i WP Jr Boots


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Little feet require just as much protection as big ones, so treat them to the Altitude Lite i WP Jr from Hi-Tec. Its Dri-tec membrane keeps moisture out while also allowing moisture to escape, while its Multi-Directional Traction ensures good footing. If you’re worried about those little feet out-growing the Altitude Lite, no worries, it features the Big-Fit system that allows those feet a little extra room so you can buy fewer boots. PRODUCT FEATURES: Waterproof suede leather and mesh upper provides durability, breathability and comfort Dri-Tec waterproof, breathable membrane keeps feet dry i-shield repels water and dirt, and is resistant to stains Ghillie lacing system creates a snug, secure fit Gusseted tongue keeps debris out Abrasion-resistant toe cap and heel give added protection Unique Big-Fit system allows children’s feet room to grow so that shoes last longer Compression molded EVA midsole absorbs impact reducing strain on the body Steel shank provides trusted support and stability to every step Multi-Directional Traction (MDT), rugged rubber outsole improves grip and provides durability Weight: 10.9 oz. 31443 , hi-tec Kids Altitude Lite i WP Jr boots , Kids Altitude Lite i WP Jr boots hi-tec , hi-tec Altitude Lite i WP Jr boots , Altitude Lite i WP Jr boots hi-tec , hi-tec Kids Altitude Lite i WP Jr , Kids Altitude Lite i WP Jr hi-tec , hi-tec Altitude Lite i WP Jr , Altitude Lite i WP Jr hi-tec , hi-tec altitude lite , altitude lite hi-tec , backpacking boots , hiking boots , walking boots , hikers boots , lace up boots , laced boots , outdoor boots , footwear , back packing boots , trekking boots , kids backpacking boots , kids hiking boots , kids walking boots , kids hikers boots , kids lace up boots , kids laced boots , kids outdoor boots , kids footwear , kids back packing boots , kids trekking boots , childrens backpacking boots , childrens hiking boots , childrens walking boots , childrens hikers boots , childrens lace up boots , childrens laced boots , childrens outdoor boots , childrens footwear , childrens back packing boots , childrens trekking boots , hi-tec backpacking boots , hi-tec hiking boots , hi-tec walking boots , hi-tec hikers boots , hi-tec lace up boots , hi-tec laced boots , hi-tec outdoor boots , hi-tec footwear , hi-tec back packing boots , hi-tec trekking boots , hi-tec kids backpacking boots , hi-tec kids hiking boots , hi-tec kids walking boots , hi-tec kids hikers boots , hi-tec kids lace up boots , hi-tec kids laced boots , hi-tec kids outdoor boots , hi-tec kids footwear , hi-tec kids back packing boots , hi-tec kids trekking boots , hi-tec childrens backpacking boots , hi-tec childrens hiking boots , hi-tec childrens walking boots , hi-tec childrens hikers boots , hi-tec childrens lace up boots , hi-tec childrens laced boots , hi-tec childrens outdoor boots , hi-tec childrens footwear , hi-tec childrens back packing boots , hi-tec childrens trekking boots , hi tec backpacking boots , hi tec hiking boots , hi tec walking boots , hi tec hikers boots , hi tec lace up boots , hi tec laced boots , hi tec outdoor boots , hi tec footwear , hi tec back packing boots , hi tec trekking boots , hi tec kids backpacking boots , hi tec kids hiking boots , hi tec kids walking boots , hi tec kids hikers boots , hi tec kids lace up boots , hi tec kids laced boots , hi tec kids outdoor boots , hi tec kids footwear , hi tec kids back packing boots , hi tec kids trekking boots , hi tec childrens backpacking boots , hi tec childrens hiking boots , hi tec childrens walking boots , hi tec childrens hikers boots , hi tec childrens lace up boots , hi tec childrens laced boots , hi tec childrens outdoor boots , hi tec childrens footwear , hi tec childrens back packing boots , hi tec childrens trekking boots , hi-tech backpacking boots , hi-tech hiking boots , hi-tech walking boots , hi-tech hikers boots , hi-tech lace up boots , hi-tech laced boots , hi-tech outdoor boots , hi-tech footwear , hi-tech back packing boots , hi-tech trekking boots , hi-tech kids backpacking boots , hi-tech kids hiking boots , hi-tech kids walking boots , hi-tech kids hikers boots , hi-tech kids lace up boots , hi-tech kids laced boots , hi-tech kids outdoor boots , hi-tech kids footwear , hi-tech kids back packing boots , hi-tech kids trekking boots , hi-tech childrens backpacking boots , hi-tech childrens hiking boots , hi-tech childrens walking boots , hi-tech childrens hikers boots , hi-tech childrens lace up boots , hi-tech childrens laced boots , hi-tech childrens outdoor boots , hi-tech childrens footwear , hi-tech childrens back packing boots , hi-tech childrens trekking boots , hi tec , hi-tech

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